Moving Apache® Ignite™ into Production: Best Practices for Native Persistence and Data Recovery

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As an in-memory computing platform, GridGain® and Apache Ignite support native persistence that stores data and indexes transparently on non-volatile memory, SSD or disk.

Join Ivan Rakov, one of the senior engineers who developed native persistence, backup and Point-in-Time recovery, as he provides his insights into the underlying architecture and best practices for implementing native persistence in production.

This session will cover:

  • An architectural overview of native persistence, and centralized backup and recovery
  • Tips and tricks for configuring and managing persistence
  • Best practices for checkpointing, using the Write-Ahead Log (WAL) and restoring from a failure
  • Performance tuning recommendations to balance durability and performance, including how to create snapshots under load
Ivan Rakov, GridGain
Ivan Rakov
GridGain System’s Senior Software Engineer

Apache Ignite committer and GridGain System’s Senior Software Engineer

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