How Apache Ignite Achieves Performance and Fault Tolerance with Its Network Components

Networking is a core pillar of any distributed system and is responsible for cluster-node discovery procedures, peer-to-peer communication between nodes, and failure handling. Network architecture can greatly influence operational performance and efficiency.

This webinar will introduce you to the role of the networking layer in distributed systems with Apache Ignite as an example. You will gain practical insights and learn how to maximize the performance and reliability of your applications running on distributed systems. In particular, you will learn:

  • Why a distributed system needs multiple network components and what the differences are between the components
  • How nodes auto-discover each other and form a distributed cluster
  • How a cluster detects and attempts to handle node failures
  • What ensures the high performance of cluster operations
  • What use cases require advanced architectures
Stanislav Lukyanov
Director of Product Management, GridGain