GridGain 8.1 – In-Memory Performance w/ Durability of Disk Across 1000s of Servers

In this webinar, GridGain Systems Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Dmitriy Setrakyan will cover the key new features in GridGain and Apache Ignite, including one-of-a-kind support for distributed, transactional, ACID-compliant disk persistence coupled with full SQL compatibility. These features enable organizations with large, mission-critical datasets to achieve in-memory performance with the durability of disk across thousands of servers.

Dmitriy will also dive into some important new concepts introduced in GridGain 8.1 and Apache Ignite including:

  • Page-based off-heap architecture
  • Write-ahead-log (WAL)
  • B+Tree indexes
  • Binary serialization
  • Full and incremental backups

This webinar will be helpful to anyone who is a current GridGain or Apache Ignite user, interested in distributed architecture, or curious about leading edge in-memory computing technology.

Dmitriy Setrakyan
Founder & CPO, GridGain Systems