Getting Started With Apache Ignite as an In-Memory Database (IMDB)

In this webinar, Glenn Wiebe, GridGain Solution Architect, will introduce developers to Apache Ignite as an in-memory database (IMDB). He will review how an IMDB differs from a cache or an in-memory data grid (IMDG). He will discuss the key characteristics of an IMDB and also highlight core Ignite features and facilities. Finally, Glenn will demonstrate a repeatable and extensible process to:

  • Configure basic cluster features using the GridGain Web Console
  • Pattern or model data that the Ignite IMDB can store and manage
  • Customize & extend the Ignite Maven project with data loading components
  • Build, deploy & run an Ignite IMDB cluster
  • Monitor & manage the IMDB data infrastructure using the Web Console and SQL notebooks
  • Consume the IMDB with the tools of your choosing, such as DBeaver or SQLLine

By the end of this webinar, you will learn the difference between using Apache Ignite as a cache, as an IMDG, and as an IMDB. You will be able to create, configure and deploy an Ignite In-Memory Database.

Glenn Wiebe
GridGain solutions architect