Building a Blockchain Network with Perper, a Serverless Computation Framework for Apache Ignite

Join us for a special webinar presented by Branimir Angelov, Co-Founder and CTO of Kubo, Software Architecture Consultant in Obecto, and Member of the Comrade Cooperative.

This talk will focus on reactive programming and how to use Apache Ignite to build a serverless computation framework that is based on reactive streams (Perper). We will discuss Apache Ignite topics such as services, data locality, continuous queries, and platform interoperability. We will show how to use reactive streams to design and structure serverless applications and how to use Kubernetes to operate such applications. As a use case, we will illustrate how this highly scalable framework can be used to build a decentralized consensus network.

Branimir Angelov
Co-founder and CTO of Kubo; Software Architecture Consultant in Obecto and Member of Comrade Cooperative