Real-Time Risk Analytics, Management and Compliance with In-Memory Computing



The financial crisis of 2008 clearly revealed that banks did not have adequate measures of risk. What followed was a sea change in both business and regulatory requirements around market risk, which in turn created a demand that overwhelmed existing systems. The new required measures of market risk require several orders of magnitude more present value (PV) calculations than those used prior to 2008. The original goal of inter-day risk visibility post-crisis has been replaced by a demand for real-time visibility. Existing high- performance computing and analytics infrastructure is not able to deliver both the real-time speed and 100x or greater scale.

Leading banks, asset management firms and fintech companies rely on the GridGain in-memory computing platform as their new foundation for real-time risk analytics, portfolio management and regulatory compliance. With GridGain, these companies have brought together many different types of information to achieve a common, real-time view of risk. They have supported the needs of trading, settlement, accounting, customer portfolio management, risk management, internal and regulatory compliance. They have achieved all of this on a common platform with in-memory speed, unlimited horizontal scalability and broad integration to support any future needs.

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Real-Time Risk Analytics, Management and Compliance with In-Memory Computing