Modernizing Capital Markets Applications with In-Memory Computing


Capital markets applications often require high performance, massive scalability, and high-performance data access across the enterprise to meet the demands of modern, digital business activities. In addition, digital transformations may require capital markets companies to design architectures that enable multiple business applications to access data from multiple, disparate data sources in real time.

This white paper discusses in-memory computing (IMC) and the problems it can solve for capital markets companies. In a unique way, IMC provides in-memory speed, horizontal scalability, a real-time data-access layer, and unified APIs. This combination enables existing and new applications that run on commodity clusters to deliver high performance across vast and disparate datasets. Current systems that deploy in-memory computing can scale to meet tomorrow’s demands and provide a sustainable path for adding new datastores and business applications as their organization digital transforms.

Capital markets use-cases discussed include:

  • Investment Book of Record
  • Portfolio Management
  • Pricing System
  • Risk Consolidation
  • Fraud Detection
  • Risk Calculations
  • Electronic Trading

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Modernizing Capital Markets Applications with In-Memory Computing
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