A Roadmap for In-Memory Computing: Current and Emerging Use Cases


As businesses everywhere struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing need for speed and scale—and strategically leverage the massive amounts of data driving their organizations— more and more of them are turning to in-memory computing (IMC). IMC takes combines important lessons from caching, Hadoop and high-performance computing (HPC). It moves data into RAM for speed and distributes data and computing across clusters of low-cost computers and cloud infrastructure for scale. This high-performance architecture is rapidly becoming the method of choice for today’s real-time applications that are focused on big data, fast data, streaming analytics or machine and deep learning.

The in-memory computing revolution is far from over, as demand continues to spur further innovation in in-memory computing technologies. This white paper examines:

  • Factors contributing to increased demand for IMC
  • Common IMC use cases today
  • Emerging use cases on the horizon
  • How Apache® Ignite and GridGain® address these use cases