In-Memory Computing Options for SAP Customers: When to Use SAP HANA, or Something Else


Any SAP S/4HANA adoption, along with customization and integration, will be part of the larger journey to innovate and to improve the customer experience. New infrastructure must support the ever-increasing need for speed, scale, agility and a host of new technologies. Existing IT infrastructure, including SAP ERP, have been unable to support these innovations on their own.

Speed is also a major challenge. New customer-facing web and mobile apps and their underlying APIs all require sub-second roundtrip latencies. These are nearly impossible to support given all the network hops, software layers and data queries and joins that need to happen between the new customer apps and existing applications (such as SAP).

Companies need an architecture that not only prepares them for the migration to SAP S/4HANA, but supports speed, scale and rapid change. Digital transformation and other initiatives must deliver new capabilities in days or weeks in order to keep pace with the customer expectations and the competition, especially new “digital” entrants.

Download this white paper to learn about your options for adding speed, scale and agility to end-to-end IT infrastructure—from SAP HANA to third-party vendors and open source. It also explains how to evolve your architecture over time for speed and scale, become more flexible to change, and support new technologies as needed.

In-Memory Computing Options for SAP Customers: When to Use SAP HANA, and When to Use Something Else