In-Memory Computing: Now and Tomorrow

A GridGain In-Memory White Paper

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SQL Requirements, IOT, Machine and Deep Learning, Non-Volatile Memory, Petabytes of Data....

As businesses cope with an explosion of data and users who increasingly expect real-time performance, many have turned toward newly affordable, increasingly full-featured in-memory data solutions. As a result, in-memory computing platforms are becoming the systems of record for a growing number of organizations, allowing them to keep most or all of their data in memory for the fastest possible performance – and providing them with a flexible platform which is ready to support the coming waves of in-memory innovation.

The in-memory platforms of the future will embrace these trends and go further. Not only will they offer the key capabilities that database users expect, such as SQL support, they will also provide a bridge to emerging use cases, such as machine learning and deep learning, and transformative new storage technologies, such as non-volatile memory.

This white paper delves into these application-crucial topics and then shows how Apache Ignite and GridGain are addressing them.