GridGain vs Redis: The Advantages of In-Memory Computing Over Caching



End users expect personalized, real-time responsiveness in their interactions with companies. Distributed-caching products such as Redis can help with the individual performance bottlenecks of some applications and their databases if companies are willing to code and change applications. But Redis cannot help with new initiatives where real-time analytics, continuous machine and deep learning are needed to make recommendations or automate decisions. Because Redis cannot support these requirements for hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP), it cannot help improve the customer experience the way the GridGain® in-memory computing platform can.

This white paper will take a detailed look at the challenges faced by companies that have either used Redis and run into its limitations, or are considering Redis and find it is insufficient for their needs. This paper will also discuss how the GridGain in-memory computing platform has helped companies overcome the limitations of Redis for existing and new applications, and how GridGain has helped improve the customer experience.

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