GridGain and Azul Systems


The high performance GridGain platform is ideal for digital transformation use cases. However, some low latency/high transaction volume scenarios, such as in the financial services and telecommunications industries, strain the capabilities of standard Java Virtual Machines (JVMs). GridGain keeps all the in-memory data it caches in unbound, off-heap regions of memory. Java on-heap memory is utilized extensively by temporary objects generated by applications in runtime, though. Traditional JVMs can struggle to deliver the low latency required for certain transaction-intensive applications. In those specific use cases, GridGain users may need to scale out the number of nodes in their cluster in order to parallelize the workload.

The alternative to adding more parallelization to the cluster is Azul Zing®, a 100% Java-compatible JVM based on Oracle HotSpot. Unlike traditional JVMs, Zing decouples application performance from the amount of data kept in-memory in the Java heap. Zing is unique in its ability to provide high performance and low latency for memory-intensive applications. Zing is able to grow and shrink the memory heap elastically based on real-time application demands. The Azul C4 garbage collection algorithm is also able to limit JVM-related pauses to less than 30 milliseconds.

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GridGain and Azul Systems