Delivering a Great Omnichannel Banking Experience with In-Memory Computing



Today, the majority of banking customers use digital channels. But being a digital bank by itself is clearly not enough. According to one study, customers who only use digital channels are among the least satisfied customers, alongside customers who only use branches. But customers who use multiple channels acquire 80% more products and generate more than 2x the revenues compared to customers who use a single channel. This should not be surprising. We all want a fast, simple omnichannel banking experience that allows us to use our channel of choice whenever we want and get the most out of our banking experience.

Omnichannel banking requires more than a consistent API strategy across channels. It requires:

  • A single, real-time view of the customer that can be seamlessly shared across channels
  • Infrastructure that can handle 10x or greater loads created by the increased interactions on digital channels
  • The ability to proactively personalize, promote and improve each customer’s experience
  • The ability to use real-time analytics and automation with transactions and interactions to help improve the experience

Download this Industry Brief now and learn how the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform is used to create a digital integration hub which allows many applications to access a high performance data layer which caches and processes data from many datastores to address these challenges and more.

Delivering a Great Omnichannel Banking Experience with In-Memory Computing