Adding Speed and Horizontal Scale to Oracle: In-Memory Computing Options for Oracle Database Deployments

Applications and their underlying RDBMSs have been pushed beyond their architectural limits by new business needs, and new software layers. Companies must add speed, scale, agility, and new capabilities to support digital transformation and other business critical initiatives.

There are many Oracle® options for adding speed and scale to Oracle Database, or for replacing it—including Oracle RAC, Oracle Database In-Memory, Oracle Exadata, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle TimesTen Classic, Oracle TimesTen Scaleout, and Oracle Coherence—and each has its place.

But when the speed and scale really needs to be addressed beyond database layer, the best long-term approach is in-memory computing. Not only does it add speed and scale. It unlocks data, enabling companies to be much more agile.

Download this white paper and learn in-memory computing options for your Oracle database deployment.

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In-Memory Options for Oracle Database Deployments