Thank You for Your Interest in GridGain White Papers

Thank you for your interest in GridGain white papers. You may now download the PDF version.

The GridGain In-Memory Computing Solution includes a data grid, a compute grid, an SQL grid, a streaming grid and a service grid. Regardless of whether you are using MySQL®, NoSQL, other RDBMSs, and/or Apache® Hadoop™, GridGain software enables you to:

  • Massively scale out applications across commodity servers on-premise, on the cloud, or on a hybrid environment
  • Increase processing speeds 1,000x or more using in-memory computing
  • Deliver massive benefits without replacing the underlying database layer or re-coding your applications
  • Leverage the benefits of open source software through Apache® Ignite™

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You can download a fully functional 30-day trial of the GridGain Community or Enterprise Edition. Our website includes a variety of helpful resources including benchmarks, feature comparisons, webinars, white papers, and case studies