Workshop Apache Ignite. Settings and API step by step (Moscow, Russia)


Together with Dmitry Pavlov (Apache Ignite committer, PMC) we will analyze the product's API for storing and processing data, learn how to start and configure the cluster, analyze common errors in configuration. As an will use the application for payment cards.

Participation is free, but the number of places is limited, so please register.

Talks Details

What you learn:

  • General idea of the application
  • How to install a product and add to your
  • The basic settings for better Apache Ignite performance 

How we will work:

Training will take place in 4 blocks. In each approximately 20 minutes the theoretical part will occupy, 20 minutes - laboratory, 10 minutes - for questions, 10 minutes - a break. Also 30 break with pizza is planned.

  • Block 1: adding Apache Ignite to the project, saving data to Cache.
  • Block 2: using Entry Processors, transactions
  • Block 3: cluster configuration, Native Persistence
  • Block 4: SQL, indexes, compute

What is necessary for participation:

Workshop requires minimal knowledge of Java. From the equipment you need a laptop with Apache Ignite loaded. A week before the workshop, we will send you an email with detailed instructions.

About the host:

Dmitry Pavlov — 17 years in software development, Lead Software Engineer at GridGain, an active member of the Apache Software Foundation:
— Apache Ignite Committer, PMC member,
— Community Development Contributor,
— Apache Training (Incubating) Committer, PPMC member.

Dmitriy Pavlov
Lead Software Engineer, Community Manager at GridGain Systems and Apache Ignite Committer & PMC Member
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