Open Source Database Best Practices (London)

Our upcoming event “Open Source Database Best Practices” focuses on the latest developments in open source database technology. You will hear about ProxySQL, ClickHouse and Apache Ignite from speakers who are actively engaged in creating these technologies. The speakers work for ProxySQL, Altinity, and GridGain Systems and are all active committers to their respective projects.

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"How and why Apache Ignite™ is changing from an In-Memory Data Grid into an In-Memory Database"

Apache Ignite™ is a rapidly changing platform: if you were to look at 3 years ago, you would see a completely different product. In this talk, we will follow the path that led Apache Ignite™ from a compute grid and data grid product to a distributed database and In-memory computing platform. We will examine technical tasks and decisions that were driving the transformations (as an example - how we added native persistence to Apache Ignite™) and will wrap up the talk with the outstanding problems that are going to be solved for Apache Ignite™.


Alexey Goncharuk
Head Architect
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