Data Science Unconference 2019 (Petersburg, Russia)

Data Science Unconference 2019 (Petersburg, Russia)

We are pleased to support the largest international Data Science ODS community in conducting the second Petersburg Unconference. This is an informal meeting for all who are interested in the field of data analysis and machine learning: pizza, beer, communication without a schedule and badges.


11:30 - Welcome coffee

12:00 - Failconf

14:00 - 15:00 - pizza, beer, the Unconference program formation

15:00 - Unconference

17:00 - Networking and book raffle from GridGain

17:30 - Happy End

The program may change, but the start time, place and good mood are inevitable.

What is an Unconference?

As the name suggests, the Unconference format is the exact opposite of tedious conferences. It does not have a ready schedule, promotional reports and slides that inspire sleep:

  • Anyone can be a speaker
  • Theme - any if it is related to Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Вata
  • The program is formed on the spot
  • Reports run in parallel in three circles
  • The listeners vote with their feet for the topic proposed by the speaker. The only rule is: if you get bored, move on!

What is Failconf?

Tired of listening to stories of amazing success and fantastic achievements? consists entirely of stories about incorrectly formulated tasks, an implementation curve and results that did not meet expectations. You are waiting for a short, honest and instructive reports about Data Science.

Venue: Zastavskaya Street, 31 to 2, "Event Center". Participation is free, registration is required.

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