How to boost and scale Postgres with Chicago PostgreSQL Group

Join Chicago PostgreSQL Group on July 15 for a talk from Valentin Kulichenko, Solutions Architect at GridGain Systems.

How to boost and scale Postgres - from sharding to in-memory data grids

Businesses are accumulating data at enormous rates requiring huge amounts of storage. Due to this, many industry players tend to predict extinction. Nevertheless, most businesses have Postgres deployments for decades and continue doing so regardless of the advancement in big data, mobile, IoT, and all other revolutions that contribute to data generation.

So, how does Postgres manage its way through all technological storms and revolutions, and rank among the top 5 databases? The answer is the evolution of technologies designed to support relational databases. Whether you want to scale to petabytes or tap into RAM, there is a solution for Postgres. Let's review these practical solutions, including built-in caching, sharding, and in-memory data grids like Apache Ignite.

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Valentin Kulichenko
Director of Product Management at GridGain Systems

Valentin is a passionate, open-source Apache Ignite community member and a PMC member. He dedicates his time to public speaking, contributing code, and providing technical help through the dev and user mailing lists.

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