Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup

Join us May 23 in Menlo Park for the Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup. This free event is sponsored by GridGain Systems. Speaker 1: Stan Lukyanov, software engineer at GridGain Systems. His talk is titled, "Troubleshooting Apache Ignite (and best practices)"

Summary: Whether you are getting started with Apache Ignite or have already deployed, this session is for you. Stan will explain how to set up deployments to make them easier to monitor, manage and keep up and running properly. He'll also hare best practice examples on how to:

* Configure Ignite and GridGain for deployment, management and monitoring
* Leverage log files during troubleshooting
* Use monitoring interfaces and tools such as JMX, Visor and Web Console
* Identify and fix top errors for newly installed and existing deployments

Speaker 2: George Williams, director of data science and chief evangelist of embedded AI at GSI Technology. His talk will be titled:  "Searching large databases with a billion objects or more!"

Summary: What do face recognition, visual e-commerce, and drug discovery have in common? These days they involve searching large databases with a billion objects or more. Unlike traditional database search, exact match to a query is not the goal. Instead similarity search is employed to retrieve the closest items. One way to scale similarity search is to use specialized hardware and I’ll talk about GSI Technology’s custom chip that accelerates large-scale similarity search.

GSI Technology designs, develops and markets a broad range of high performance memory products for networking, military, medical, automotive and other applications.

Stanislav Lukyanov GridGain
Stanislav Lukyanov
Customer Success Team Lead, GridGain

Stanislav is one of a few Java experts who initially contributed to the Java Platform and now works with distributed systems that are powered by Java. He mastered his knowledge about JVM internals, concurrency, and memory management while being a member of the Java Engineering group at Oracle for 3.5 years. Since 2017, Stanislav works at GridGain, where he applies his previous experience to architect and build highly concurrent systems that run on Apache Ignite and GridGain in-memory computing platforms. He also leads the GridGain Customer Solutions group, a team of seasoned experts who are involved in the design, maintenance, and operations of customer services and applications that are used by millions worldwide.

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