Apache Ignite Talks

Apache Ignite Talks

Join Apache Ignite community on December 8 to learn more about using Ignite for the bank's backend and how to work with Ignite compute grid and Drool.

How to Use Apache Ignite to Rescue the Backend of a Bank
Mikhail Antonov, Platform Owner of Core Banking System at Raiffeisen Bank, Russia

As users transition to digital channels, the load on the bank's systems has increased. For example, since the beginning of 2020, the number of requests to the ABS subsystems from Raiffeisen-Online has grown by a third. Therefore, load reduction and system scaling are constant and top priorities. Mikhail Antonov will talk about what options were considered, why Ignite was chosen, what the solution architecture looks like, and what the development plans are.


Using Apache Ignite’s Compute Grid to Integrate the Drools Rules Engine
Ken Cottrell, Solutions Architect at GridGain

Apache Ignite’s compute grid is a rich platform that enables you to define, send, and manage complex code logic that is to be processed (in collocated fashion) with your data in a remote cluster. The compute grid offloads compute-intensive tasks to the data nodes, not at the client so that you can add the massive, parallel-scale ability to your computation-based applications.

In this brief talk and demo, Ken will show you some of the techniques that you can use with Apache Ignite’s compute grid to broadcast, deploy, and then run Drools/Kie business rules that are co-located with the data in the clusters. Ignite cluster nodes, each of which contains local Drools servers, then process simultaneously and in parallel. By using the compute grid, you achieve much higher scalability than you would achieve if you ran Drools on a centralized server.

Topics include the following:
• Reference architecture for Apache Ignite and Drools integration
• Demo and code examples
• Performance considerations
• Deployment considerations

Mikhail Antonov
platform owner of Core Banking system at Raiffeisen bank, Russia
Ken Cottrell
Solution Architect at GridGain Systems
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