Apache Ignite Lightning Talks and Q&A Session

“Questions and answers” is an important part of our gatherings. Developers and users share experiences and best practices, and together we create Apache Ignite. So, let's give our questions the time that they deserve! On October 20, join a special community session and ask experts about Ignite features, configuration, and architecture.

We will start with three 10-minute tech talks by Ignite developers:

  1. Apache Ignite System Views — Show what was hidden — Nikolay Izhikov, Apache Ignite PMC
  2. Communication via Discovery — Ivan Bessonov, Apache Ignite Contributor working with Ignite Core
  3. What you can learn from your distributed data? — Ravil Galeyev, Apache Ignite ML module Contributor

Then, you will have an hour to ask our pool of experts your Ignite questions.

The experts:
Dmitry Pavlov—Apache Ignite PMC Chair
Pavel Tupitsyn—Apache Ignite PMC, .NET API module maintainer
Maxim Muzafarov—Apache Ignite PMC
Ilya Kasnacheev—Apache Ignite PMC and top-champion in answering Ignite questions on StackOverflow and userlist
Alexander Korenshteyn—Ignite expert who has answered more than 150 Ignite questions on StackOverflow and userlist

RVSP here and stay tuned. More experts are to come!

Dmitriy Pavlov
Lead Software Engineer, Community Manager at GridGain Systems and Apache Ignite Committer & PMC Member

Dmitry Pavlov —  18 years in software development; EPAM Systems, Chief Software Engineer; an active member of the Apache Software Foundation:
— Apache Ignite PMC Chair
— Apache Training (Incubating) Committer, PPMC member.

Pavel Tupitsyn
Software Engineer at GridGain Systems

Over 10 years of experience in .NET application development:
• Desktop and Web applications (WPF, Silverlight, WinForms, ASP.NET)
• From small utilities to large enterprise business applications
• Developing new projects from scratch, taking architectural decisions

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