Apache Ignite 3.0: Major Changes and Features

Apache Ignite 3.0: Major Changes and Features

September 15 Val Kulichenko, a community old-timer and the Ignite 3.0 release manager, will open the discussion by covering major changes that are proposed for release 3.0:

‒ Schema-first approach
‒ Dynamic configuration
‒ Modularization
‒ Cleanup
‒ Native Image support for GraalVM

This community gathering will provide first an overview and then examples that will help Apache Ignite contributors to understand the rationale behind the changes and then to participate in the mailing-list discussion[3]. Also, the presentation will provide a sneak peek into the 3.0 release, for Ignite users who have Ignite in production. Join the meeting, learn about upcoming changes, start more specific discussions, and share suggestions on mailing lists.

Please RVSP here.

Valentin Kulichenko
Director of Product Management at GridGain Systems
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