GridGain Webinar: Apache® Ignite™ SQL Grid: A Hot Blend of Traditional SQL and In-Memory Data Grids


In-memory data grids bring exceptional performance and scalability to applications built on top of them. Applications can achieve a 1000x performance improvement and become automatically scalable and fault-tolerant thanks to the data grid architecture. However, the majority of data grid architectures sacrifice traditional SQL support, requiring application developers to completely rewrite their SQL-based code to support data grid specific APIs.

This inconvenience can be avoided by using Apache®Ignite. In this webinar, GridGain Systems Product Manager Denis Magda will introduce the SQL Grid component of Apache Ignite. With the SQL Grid, you can get the performance and scalability of data grids along with the traditional ANSI-99 SQL support of relational databases. He’ll discuss:

  • Using Apache Ignite's JDBC and ODBC drivers
  • ANSI-99 SQL queries including distributed joins
  • Creating and leveraging SQL indices
  • Data modification with ANSI-99 DML (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.)
  • Automatic schema import from a relational database into Apache Ignite
Denis Magda
VP, Developer Relations in R&D at GridGain; Apache Ignite committer and PMC member
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