Adding Speed and Scale to Existing Applications

Adding Speed and Scale to Existing Applications


This eBook explains the best practices for adding speed and scale to existing applications that offer the least disruption and help meet the long term goals of transforming the business. Performance and scalability challenges exist because of the adoption of new customer-facing Web and mobile channels, of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), and of new types of data including social and machine data. Their increased adoption has driven up transaction, query, and data volumes, as well as the new for real-time responsiveness.

This eBook explains how to:

  • Use Scale-Up Hardware Money to Invest in the Right Architecture
  • Plan Ahead for the Right Architecture—HTAP at Scale with IMC
  • Build an IMDG to Add Speed and Scale to Existing and New Apps, APIs, and Analytics
  • Make Sure You Can Implement a Horizontally-Scalable IMDB
  • Ensure General-Purpose MPP
  • Keep Prioritizing Real-Time Projects Based on a Greater Plan
  • Plan Ahead to Succeed with Other Types of Real-Time Projects

About the Best Practices for Digital Transformation with In-Memory Computing eBook Series

This eBook series outlines the successful journey that companies have taken, and some of the more common best practices they’ve followed.

Series includes:

Part 1: Building an In-Memory Computing Foundation and Roadmap

Part 3: Building New Apps and APIs

We will update this page with new sections as we release them. Stay tuned!

Best Practices in Digital Transformation with In-Memory Computing Part 2
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