Using the GridGain Web Console for Automatic RDBMS Integration With Apache® Ignite™

While most applications use distributed in-memory caching for fast data access, they heavily rely on relational databases for data persistence purposes. For such applications, Apache Ignite supports read-through and write-through modes to read/write the data from/to the underlying persistent store, respectively. Moreover, Ignite can import database schemas and automatically generate all the required XML OR-mapping configurations and Java domain model POJOs that you can easily download and copy into your Apache Ignite project.

Automatic RDBMS Support in Apache Ignite

Apache Ignite supports automatic RDBMS integration via the GridGain Web Console which is an interactive configuration wizard, as well as cluster management and monitoring tool that allows you to:

Create and download various configurations for your Apache Ignite cluster

The Web Console takes you through a detailed, step-by-step process to define all the required configuration parameters for your Apache Ignite cluster. It then generates a Maven-based ready-to-use project with all the configuration files in XML and Java.

Creating cluster configuration using the Web Console


Automatically import database schemas from any RDBMS

The GridGain Web Console can save developers from hours of manual coding by automatically importing the database schema, and generating XML OR-mapping configurations and POJOs that can be downloaded and copied into an Apache Ignite project.

The Web Console can integrate with any RDBMS that supports the JDBC driver - Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and more.

Importing database schema using the Web Console


Execute SQL queries over your in-memory caches

After starting the Apache Ignite cluster using the configurations downloaded from the Web Console, you can connect your cluster with the web console and run SQL queries over the cached data. You can also view query execution plans, in-memory schema, and real-time streaming charts for your cluster.

Note that you can also connect the Web Console to an already existing Apache Ignite cluster. Refer to the web agent documentation on how this can be done.

Running SQL queries on cached data using the Web Console


Apache Ignite's automatic integration with virtually any RDBMS, via the GridGain Web Console, is a convenient feature to automatically import database schemas and generate all the required XML OR-mappings and Java object classes. It also speeds up the creation of configuration files for your Apache Ignite project by allowing you to define all the necessary parameters in a multi-step process and automatically generating the configuration files in XML and Java.