Transforming Asset and Wealth Management with In-Memory Computing Webinar Recap

Asset and wealth management continues to be one of the most attractive segments of the financial services industry, promising profitability and growth in a world of financial uncertainty.  However, most financial institutions are observing a shift in their client demographics.  The new client base demands different ways of placing and managing their financial holdings. As a result, technology is the single most important driving force in maintaining a competitive edge in this highly regulated industry. 

During this webinar I discussed new approaches to on-board and serve asset and wealth management clients using digital channels, mobile technology, cloud computing, big data analytics and open architectures.  I also talked about how in-memory computing provides the speed, scale and security needed to meet current and future infrastructure and application needs. The webinar was presented originally on January 11, 2017. 


technologies used for asset and wealth management

Asset and Wealth Management and In-Memory Computing

In-memory computing can help your organization start addressing the technical challenges of transforming your asset and wealth management business.

You can watch the recorded webinar to learn more about:

  • The ability to create complex and customized algorithms and asset allocation models
  • The holistic view of the entire universe of client holdings and activities
  • Real-time analysis of customer trends, needs, sentiment and business impact
  • Using data for risk management, regulatory compliance, supervision and monitoring