New Micro Learning Course: Your First Queries With Apache Ignite

Apache Ignite Queries

GridGain is happy to announce that we have released our latest Micro Learning Unit, a 10-minute, hands-on training course on how to execute Your First Queries With Apache Ignite.

In 10 minutes, we take you through writing your first queries using the three techniques of standard SQL, SQL via Java APIs, and Ignite’s KeyValue pair API.

This course is designed for you to follow along. Don’t worry if you are new to Ignite – the instructions will walk you through downloading and running some examples, and you can always refer to our other Micro Learning Units, which will help you set up an Ignite Cluster on your specific operating system.

We have included a downloadable project for you to unzip, open, build, and run in your favorite IDE.

In this unit, we first help you start up a simple Ignite cluster to run the examples and then show you how to easily load data into that cluster using the simplest approach, which is standard SQL. We've even prepared a script in the downloadable, zipped-up project for this purpose. You can execute the SQL examples like fetching a city by ID or country code,  using sqlline, a command-line interface tool included with Ignite.

Next, we talk you through running queries with Java. We have provided a Maven POM file for easy setup and running of the project. Finally, we demonstrate how to use Ignite's KeyValue API, the fastest way to find data in Ignite.

Even if you choose not to follow along, this MLU will give you a great introduction to running your first queries with Ignite's easy-to-use, highly scalable, and performant architecture. So get started today and empower your data with Apache Ignite. 

Take the full 10-minute course, and sign up for GridGain University here


Ian Ruffell, Solutions Architect, and Stephen Darlington, Principal Consultant, contributed to this Micro Learning Course.