In-Memory Computing Summit North America 2017 retrospective

Sberbank's Mikhail Khasin discusses the key role of in-memory computing in the banking industry.With the In-Memory Computing Summit North America 2017 in the rearview mirror, let's take a look back at this two-day conference that explored the latest technology trends impacting enterprise computing and digital transformation.

The 400 registrants – representing 200 organizations from 11 countries on five continents – were there to explore the future of in-memory computing (IMC) and share the impact the technology is having on application performance.

The 40 breakout sessions they attended provided insight and practical advice on a broad range of in-memory computing topics

The keynotes at the start of the Oct. 24-25 conference in South San Francisco highlighted the impact of in-memory computing on a growing number of industries – those included speakers from Workday, Wellington Management, Sberbank and GridGain Systems.

The keynotes included:

  • “The Evolving Role of In-Memory Computing in the Banking Industry” by Mikhail Khasin of Sberbank, who favorably compared the massive computing power of the company’s planned in-memory computing infrastructure with the largest existing supercomputers
  • “The Intersection of In-Memory and Scale-Out in the Age of Internet Proportions” by Noah Arliss of Workday, who related that the company’s system built on an in-memory computing architecture processes 189 million transactions a day from 26 million workers under contract
  • “Implementation of Investment Book of Record (IBOR) Using Apache Ignite/GridGain” by Rafique Awan of Wellington Management, in which he discussed how the company leverages an in-memory computing platform to manage more than $1 trillion in investments
  • “Realizing the Benefits of Persistent Memory with the NVM Programming Model and NVDIMMs” by Jim Pappas of Intel, representing the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), who described the current state and future direction of non-volatile memory technology such as 3D XPoint
  • “The Evolving In-Memory Computing Platform” by Abe Kleinfeld of GridGain Systems, in which he described the parallel evolution of in-memory computing platforms and disk-based databases and the overlap and differences between the two approaches as the world evolves towards memory-centric computing architectures

The breakout session video recordings and slides will be available on the In-Memory Computing Summit North America 2017 website.

The In-Memory Computing Summits (IMCSs), held annually in Europe and North America, are the only industry-wide events that focus on the full range of in-memory computing technologies and solutions.

“This year’s IMC Summit highlighted the growing adoption and inspiring use cases for in-memory computing. It provided vital information for attendees who are looking to launch or expand their use of in-memory computing while planning for the exciting developments still to come,” said Terry Erisman, Vice President of Marketing of GridGain Systems. “I want to thank the speakers, sponsors and everyone who attended the event for creating a strong spirit of community where attendees could share knowledge in a way that benefits the entire IMC industry.”

The Next IMC Summit

The second annual In-Memory Computing Summit Europe will take place in London in June 2018. The Call for Papers will open before the end of 2017. For the latest news, follow the events on Twitter @IMCSummit.