Apache Ignite + Docker: How to build an event-driven, dynamically reconfigurable microservices platform

Sven of The GlueLast week at Devoxx Belgium 2017, The Glue's Sven Beauprez demonstrated how to combine Apache® Ignite™ with Docker to build an event-driven microservices platform -- one that is dynamically reconfigurable with zero downtime.

"The pre-requisites for the platform are banking-grade NFRs such as Exactly Once Processing of requests, High Availability -- even in case of data center disasters- and no downtime ever," he said.

Sven, architect at The Glue -- a fintech startup that develops a platform for financial institutions to quickly develop innovative financial services -- is an expert enterprise application integration architect with 20 years of experience in different functional domains.

"For this, all containers are linked in one big software-defined network in which the contained services form one big distributed grid, and in which new services register themselves during deploy time and are auto-discovered by the grid to process requests," he said.

Sven was steering member for 7 years at JavaPolis/Devoxx, and helped it grow to what it is today, and is co-founder and vice-chairman of IoTBE.