2 Apache® Ignite™ webinars: Machine Learning and adding speed & scale to SQL

2 Apache® Ignite™ webinars: Machine Learning and adding speed & scale to SQLTwo Apache® Ignite™ experts will be delivering a couple of webinars tomorrow (Nov. 28)  – one explaining the nuances of Machine Learning with Ignite ML, and another documenting how to add speed and scale to SQL.


The great thing about GridGain webinars is that although they are live, interactive events, they are also recorded. So if you miss either of these, just register as normal even after the fact to gain fast and free access to the recording.


Let’s take a closer look.


Nuances of Machine Learning with Ignite ML

In this webinar Alexey Zinoviev, Apache Ignite ML contributor for GridGain will talk about the 2.7 release of Apache Ignite and present the new features to Ignite ML modules. He’ll also introduce what a Java programmer needs to do and understand in typical Big Data and ML projects. Read More.


How to Add Speed and Scale to SQL, Support New Data Needs, and Keep Your RDBMS

Moving to NoSQL requires new skills and major changes to applications. Why? Over the last decade, the 10x growth of transaction volumes, 50x growth in data volumes, and drive for real-time response and analytics has pushed relational databases beyond their limits. Scaling an existing RDBMS vertically with hardware is expensive and limited.


Valentin Kulichenko, lead architect at GridGain Systems, will explain how to do it in this webinar. Read More.


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