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GridGain’s Corporate Training is the perfect option for organizations that need a cost-effective way to train a large group of developers, architects, or administrators. To enable your team to deploy, scale, and troubleshoot high-performance applications, advanced training from the experts at GridGain is vital.

Meet your project deadlines with confidence, and equip your team for success by scheduling a corporate training session today.

Dedicated GridGain Expert

With Corporate training, a GridGain product specialist is assigned to your team. The specialist will present training that is based on your needs and business objectives. No matter where your organization is in the in-memory computing journey, your GridGain expert can prepare your team for success.

If your team is getting started with Apache Ignite and GridGain, GridGain’s instructors can help the team achieve their project goals on time and avoid common missteps. Experienced  Ignite and GridGain users can learn how to optimize their in-memory environments and unlock the full capabilities of their Ignite and GridGain solutions.

Tailored Delivery

GridGain will work with you to deliver course content that supports your business requirements. Your team will benefit from technical deep dives, hands-on coding, and real-world examples that are relevant to your organization. This customizability is especially helpful to teams with limited time. Here are some popular training options:

Apache Ignite Essentials Training (1 Day)

  • Summary: This course is intended to provide an overview of the Apache Ignite platform, covering basic product functionality, common use-cases and APIs. Attendees will participate in a couple of lab exercises to reinforce the learning.
  • Target Audience: Program Managers, Project Managers, Application Development Managers, Solution Architects, InfoSec Architects, DBAs and anyone who wants to get a high-level understanding of the Apache Ignite platform, its capabilities and how it is used.
  • Pre-requisites: Understanding and appreciation of big data challenges, some basic programming experience with Java, understanding of RDBMS systems, SQL and distributed computing concepts.

GridGain Developer Training (3 Days)

  • Summary: This course is geared to help attendees architect and build scalable applications using the GridGain platform. It will cover basic and advanced platform functionality, available APIs, tools and utilities through a series of lectures and hands-on lab exercises.
  • Target Audience: Solution architects, application architects, application developers, data architects and DBAs.
  • Prerequisites: Hands-on coding experience with Java 8 and ANSI SQL, experience and understanding of RDBMS, n-tier architectures and distributed computing. Recommended experience: JEE terminology and components, Spring Framework (core), IntelliJ IDE, Tomcat or other JEE application servers.

GridGain Administrator Training (3 Days)

  • Summary: This course is geared to help attendees get a deeper understanding of the features, capabilities and utilities available within the GridGain platform to monitor, maintain and administer the platform. Through a series of interactive sessions and hands-on lab exercises, attendees will learn to perform upgrades, tune and secure the GridGain cluster, perform cluster and data back and restore tasks and debug and troubleshoot any issues that may come up.
  • Target Audience: Platform administrators, DevOps architects and developers, solution architects, application architects, data architects, DBAs.
  • Prerequisites: Experience administering server-side enterprise systems (app servers, RDBMS, etc.), experience with scripting languages (Linux Bash, Win OS, Mac OS, etc.), basic understanding of distributed computing concepts, n-tier and client-server architecture, XML configuration via Spring, Java & JVM configuration.