Developer Bundles

GridGain Developer Bundles include Support, Consulting and Training for the GridGain Community or Enterprise Edition. The bundle for GridGain Community Edition is highly relevant for companies building applications on Apache Ignite® as well. The new Developer Bundles can help companies implementing Apache Ignite or GridGain speed the development and rollout of their real-time, massively scalable applications. In-depth developer training for your engineering team can significantly reduce the learning curve for your team while consulting assistance with common challenges such as architectural reviews and performance optimizations can result in optimal performance. Once live, the support services ensure that any issues that arise in your pre-production or production deployments can be submitted for review and resolution to the GridGain customer engineering team.

GridGain Developer Bundles

GridGain offers two different versions of Developer Bundles. Both include Support and Consulting while Training is also included with the Starter Packages:


Developer Starter Package

  • Include a 3-day remote developer training session for up to 10 attendees, a 40-hour block of consulting hours which can be booked in 2-hour increments, and 3 compute units of GridGain Support for the GridGain Community Edition or Enterprise Edition
  • These packages are designed for companies which are starting their in-memory computing journey and need to rapidly ramp up their development team and architectural plans

Development Package

  • Include a 40-hour block of consulting hours which can be booked in 2-hour increments and 3 compute units of GridGain Support for the GridGain Community or Enterprise Edition
  • These packages are designed for companies that are already developing solutions on Apache Ignite or GridGain and would like assistance with architectural planning, troubleshooting or performance optimizations

Companies facing competitive demands to accelerate their digital transformations need to build out their new infrastructures quickly and get it right the first time. GridGain Developer Bundles are a cost-effective way to kickstart an in-memory computing development program that can result in the performance and massive scalability your company needs to successfully deploy new applications that drive great user experiences.

Development Package

Developer Bundle Components

GridGain Developer Bundles combine Support, Consulting and Training:

  • GridGain Training – A 3-day GridGain training session provides the information needed to deploy, configure, monitor and manage GridGain or Apache Ignite. Instructors cover the basic concepts underlying the GridGain and Apache Ignite in-memory computing platforms and how to deploy and configure the platform for optimal performance in a specific use case
  • GridGain Support – GridGain Support provides either 9x5 or 24x7 access to GridGain professional support staff online or via email or phone
  • GridGain Consulting – Our expert consultants assist GridGain and Apache Ignite users with architectural design planning or review, performance optimization, proofs of concept, and third-party integrations

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GridGain Developer Packages are affordably priced to help your organization speed your time to value and ensure optimal performance of your in-memory computing platform-powered applications. Speak with one of our sales professionals now to discuss your needs and learn more about the benefits and cost of GridGain Developer Bundles by filling out the form below now.