GridGain 9

Built for Real-Time AI

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GridGain 9 delivers the most stable, resilient, and high-performant solution for ultra-low latency data applications, powering the extreme speed, scale, durability and reliability critical to modern enterprise use cases and AI applications. The explosion in real-time, data-intensive use cases – including the use of GenAI – for improved customer experiences, greater operational efficiency, and accurate decision-making, has put a focus on immediate and reliable data processing and analytics across the enterprise. With enhanced support for multiple data formats, models, and stores, including cloud data lakehouses, GridGain 9 delivers the architectural resiliency and scalability necessary to power large-scale, real-time data processing, analytics and AI applications.
on-demand scaling
GridGain 9 introduces new platform features, allowing users to scale its flexible in-memory and on-disk storage and processing capacity easily. GridGain’s industry-leading capabilities around dynamic scaling eliminate any impact on the overall system performance, even when users wish to extend their GridGain clusters to the cloud.
GridGain 9 boosts efficiency by enhancing parallel, concurrent data processing and utilizing memory-centric storage engines tailored to the specific needs of various workloads, including transactions, analytics and AI.
Stronger data
integrity and consistency
With a more robust transaction management and consistency model for data – even in full SQL mode – GridGain 9 gives enterprises classic RDBMS capabilities with in-memory performance, making it easier to accelerate legacy applications and workloads.
developer experience
Intuitive and simpler APIs, improved cluster configuration, and devOps capabilities make it even easier for developers and DevOps engineers to build and manage highly scalable data-intensive applications using GridGain.

New GridGain 9 Capabilities

  • Transactions are now supported seamlessly across all APIs, including SQL. Strictly serializable SQL transaction capability enables application migration from traditional RDBMS platforms.

  • GridGain 9 takes SQL support to the next level with a new SQL engine based on Apache Calcite. This new engine can optimize the distributed query execution more flexibly, achieving better performance even on complex queries.

  • GridGain 9 also brings ANSI SQL 2016 compliance up from ANSI SQL 99, reinforcing our commitment to supporting fully-featured distributed SQL.

  • Data schema management is more uniform across different APIs in GridGain 9. Now SQL, Key-Value API, and the new Record API all share access to the same schema, making it easy to access the same data from applications with different data models.

  • New transactional protocol and strictly serializable model provides superior transactional consistency and simplifies distributed transactional application development.

  • Lock-free, transactionally consistent reads support massive application concurrency and scalability.

  • Out-of-the-box split-brain protection, with no additional configuration or tooling.

  • Pluggable storage feature gives developers the flexibility to choose the storage engine based on application needs.

  • Easily deploy on any container platform or operating system, on-premises or in the cloud, with the bundled installation packages.

  • Efficiently manage cluster configurations and integrate with a wide array of configuration management tools with the new HOCON based configuration files.

  • Simplify always-on, mission-critical workloads by dynamically updating cluster configurations using REST or CLI.