Apache Cassandra ACID Transactions

Enable Apache Cassandra ACID Transactions with In-Memory Computing

Apache Cassandra is a widely utilized open source database. Cassandra is a scalable key-value store columnar NoSQL database that can be highly available. Because data is stored on disk, Cassandra suffers from performance challenges because your application must constantly wait for data to be retrieved from disk prior to processing. In addition, Cassandra is limited by:

  • No support for ACID transactions
  • No in-memory computing option
  • Lack of SQL support including no SQL operations such as joins, aggregations, groupings or the creation of indexes
  • No ad hoc SQL queries

However, inserting the GridGain in-memory computing platform between Apache Cassandra and your application layer enables Cassandra ACID transactions and the following capabilities for the portion of the data stored in GridGain:

Read the white paper "Super Power Apache® Cassandra for Extreme OLTP Workloads with GridGain" to learn more about adding Cassandra ACID transactions support.