Cassandra Alternative

GridGain Offers the Scalability of Cassandra with ACID Transactions, Advanced SQL, and In-Memory Speed

The GridGain® in-memory computing platform can be used as an Apache Cassandra alternative for greenfield applications or to accelerate Cassandra in existing applications. Cassandra is a columnar-store, NoSQL database widely used for its ability to scale across commodity servers with no single point of failure. It is used in many mission critical applications in place of traditional RDBMSs. However, versus a relational database, Cassandra users give up:

  • Consistency - Cassandra is eventually consistent
  • Joins - Cassandra uses the CQL querying language, which is powerful but does not support advanced filters or JOINS of data stored in multiple Cassandra tables

In addition, Cassandra is a disk-based database so performance is limited by the time it takes to retrieve data from disk prior to processing. DataStax offers an in-memory option for Cassandra but it requires the entire Cassandra data set to be held in memory.

Cassandra Alternative for Greenfield Applications

GridGain, which is built on Apache® Ignite, offers solutions for both new applications and existing Cassandra-based applications. GridGain is a Cassandra alternative in many greenfield applications. GridGain offers the same scalability and high availability capabilities as Cassandra. In addition, GridGain users can use the system's:

  • ACID transaction support
  • ANSI-99 SQL capabilities including DDL and DML which support JOINs
  • In-memory computing capabilities which provide lightning fast speed

For details on the GridGain solution and its benefits as a Cassandra alternative, check out "Introducing the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform".

Accelerate Cassandra for Existing Applications

For existing Cassandra installations, GridGain can be inserted between the application and data layer to accelerate Cassandra. Users can define which portion of the Cassandra data set they wish to have held in memory by GridGain. The portion of data held in-memory can then by processed faster and more effectively using GridGain's ANSI-99 SQL capabilities. To learn more, read out white paper entitled "Super Power Apache® Cassandra for Extreme OLTP Workloads with GridGain".

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