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GridGain Web Console Overview

GridGain Web Console is an interactive configuration wizard, and management and monitoring tool.

Before deploying your own instance of GridGain Web Console, you can try out the already-deployed instance of GridGain Web Console. By taking advantage of this hosted deployment, you can see all the existing capabilities in action in a matter of minutes.

What You Can Do With Web Console

Combining the functionality of the open source version and the enterprise level features, GridGain Web Console allows you to do the following:

  • Create and download various configurations to use for your GridGain or Apache Ignite cluster.

  • Import database schemas from virtually any RDBMS.

  • Execute SQL queries over your in-memory caches and view the execution plans.

  • Monitor and manage running GridGain and Ignite clusters.

  • Monitor and manage running as well as completed queries.

wc dashboard

GridGain Web Console’s interactive configuration wizard helps you create and download configuration files and code snippets for your Apache Ignite or GridGain projects. Additionally, the tool allows you to automatically load SQL metadata from any RDBMS, run SQL queries on your in-memory cache as well as view execution plans, in-memory schema, streaming charts, and more.

Web Console Components

Web Console Server

Web Console Server is a web-server that provides browser-based user interface for monitoring, managing and querying a running cluster.

Web Agent

Web Agent is a standalone Java application that establishes a connection between a GridGain or Apache Ignite Cluster and the Web Console server. Web Agent communicates with the cluster nodes via a REST interface and connects to the Web Console server via a web-socket.

Here are some of the functions of Web Agent:

  • Proxy between Web Console and GridGain or Ignite cluster for SQL queries execution.

    wc agent cluster
  • Proxy between Web Console and an RDBMS for database schema metadata collection. Refer to the RDBMS Integration section for more details.

    wc agent rdbms

What’s Next

Refer to the relevant documentation sections to start with the tool:

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