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Query History and Monitoring

Web Console allows you to monitor SQL queries running in the cluster, as well as provides historical information about queries.

Monitor Currently Running Queries

In order to monitor queries running on the cluster, click on the Monitoring menu and select Running queries.

wc running queries

You can specify a minimum duration for a query execution. The screen will show only those queries that have been running for more than the specified value.

You can also cancel queries. To do that, select the queries you want to cancel and click Cancel. You can cancel a single query by clicking the x button at the end of the corresponding row.

wc cancel query

By default, query history and monitoring is disabled in cache configuration. To activate the feature, set a non-zero value for the history size by setting the queryDetailMetricsSize parameter of CacheConfiguration:


The same can be accomplished with the GridGain Web Console configuration wizard by typing a value in the History Size text box on the Caches screen, as shown below:

wc query metric size 2

Monitor Query History

To view the query-history for all the queries executed on the cluster, click on the Monitoring menu and select Queries history. This screen provides details of a query execution’s success/failure rate, execution time and more. Web Console provides an option to view queries based on type - SCAN, SQL, TEXT - or do a text search.

wc queries history