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Creating Cluster Configuration


Web Console allows you to create a cluster configuration using graphical user interface. The configuration can be imported into an xml file or as a java project with all the files necessary to start your cluster.



This will open a screen with various cluster properties.

cluster configuration

You can always review your current cluster configuration and/or the generated java project by clicking on the See project structure link located at the bottom of the screen.

project structure

SQL Schema

You import a schema from a SQL database, configure indexed types, and automatically generate the XML Object-Relational mapping configuration and Java domain model POJOs. This can be done for most RDBMSs that support JDBC - Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.

sql scheme


Web Console facilitates creating and configuring caches. You can configure memory settings, persistence settings, as well as various advanced level settings.


Project Structure and Configurations Summary

You can download a ready-to-use Maven-based project that contains XML configuration, java domain model POJOs, and the source files for starting nodes, and copy these files into your existing project. Web Console also generates a Docker file with instructions on how to create an Apache Ignite Docker image.

Click the See project structure link located at the bottom of the screen to review the project structure and download the configuration files.

project structure

To download the complete project, click the Save and Download button.

save configuration