Saint Highload++ (Saint Petersburg Russia)

For the first time Highload++ conference comes to Saint Petersburg!  Join GridGain at Data Bases & Storage session and at Team Lead session. Senior Software Engineer at GridGain Ivan Rakov will tell, how asynchronous transactional replication is organized in GridGain. Team Lead in Customer Success Team at GridGain Stanislav Lukyanov will speak about supporting multiple product  development in Git

Ivan Rakov, GridGain
Ivan Rakov
Apache Ignite Committer and Team Lead at GridGain R&D
Stanislav Lukyanov GridGain
Stanislav Lukyanov
Customer Success Team Lead, GridGain

Stanislav is one of a few Java experts who initially contributed to the Java Platform and now works with distributed systems that are powered by Java. He mastered his knowledge about JVM internals, concurrency, and memory management while being a member of the Java Engineering group at Oracle for 3.5 years. Since 2017, Stanislav works at GridGain, where he applies his previous experience to architect and build highly concurrent systems that run on Apache Ignite and GridGain in-memory computing platforms. He also leads the GridGain Customer Solutions group, a team of seasoned experts who are involved in the design, maintenance, and operations of customer services and applications that are used by millions worldwide.