Persistent Memory Summit 2018

Nikita Ivanov, Founder & CTO of GridGain Systems, will participate in a panel discussion Jan. 24 at the 2018 Persistent Memory Summit

The 50-minute talk is titled: "Hype to Reality, a Panel Discussion with Leaders of Real World Persistent Memory Applications." The moderator will be Jack Vargas, Product Marketing Manager, Intel Corporation. 

In addition to Nikita, the other panelists are: Scott Miller, Dreamworks Animation; Kodi Umamageswaran, Oracle; Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike

The 2018 Persistent Memory Summit will be held at the Westin San Jose during the SNIA Annual Members Symposium. Attendees will learn about the fundamental changes that have been brought about by persistent memory and how companies can apply this technology. 

Nikita Ivanov
Founder & CTO, GridGain Systems
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