Joint event with Agile Lab in Milan, Italy

GridGain solutions architect Christos Erotocritou will be a featured speaker at a free three-hour event in Milan, Italy on November 19 -- sponsored by GridGain Systems and Agile Lab.

The event is event is titled, "Apache Ignite and GridGain: In-memory computing for IoT, banking and more!" It will take place at the Copernico Blend Tower, Milan (directions).


  • Introduction to Apache Ignite, by Agile Lab
  • An IoT Gateway Architecture with Apache Ignite, by Agile Lab
  • Ignite vs Gridgain: Enterprise functionalities, by Gridgain
  • Gridgain in Action: Sberbank Use Case, by Gridgain

Agile Lab is an Italian company focused on distributed technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Christos Erotocritou
Solutions Architect, GridGain Systems