Java Metroplex User Group (JavaMUG) Dallas, TX

GridGain Systems solution architect Dani Traphagen will be the guest speaker June 13 at the esteemed Java Metroplex User Group (JavaMUG) in Dallas. Her talk is titled, "Skyrocket Java applications with the open-source Apache Ignite."

Abstract: In her talk, Dani will introduce the many components of the open-source Apache Ignite. As Java professionals, you will learn how to solve some of the most demanding scalability and performance challenges. She’ll also cover a few typical use cases and work through some code examples.

Attendees will leave ready to fire up their own database deployments!

Apache Ignite is an in-memory computing platform that can be inserted seamlessly between a user’s application layer and data layer. Apache Ignite loads data from the existing disk-based storage layer into RAM, improving performance orders of magnitude!

Users can keep their existing RDBMS in place and deploy Apache Ignite as a layer between it and the application layer. Apache Ignite automatically integrates with Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and other RDBMS installations. Most In-memory databases typically provide only a SQL interface, whereas Ignite supports a wider group of access and processing paradigms in addition to ANSI flavored SQL. Apache Ignite supports key/value stores, SQL access, Computation, streaming, microservice and clustering grids and an increasingly popular Kubernetes integration in a single integrated in-memory computing platform.

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Java Metroplex User Group (JavaMUG) Dallas, TX