HighLoad++ 2018 (Moscow, Russia)

Let’s meet on the 12th annual conference for developers of highload-systems, which will gather 2,700 participants from different regions of Russia and the world. The event is aimed at sharing knowledge about technologies that can simultaneously serve many thousands and millions of users.

GridGain Activities:

November 8

11AM -1 PM, room A16 
Meetup: Testing distributed systems on the example of Apache Ignite
Key speaker - Vladimir Ozerov

3 PM - 5 PM, room A13
Meetup: Love, money and open source software 
Key speakers - Dmitry Pavlov & Stanislav Lukyanov

November 9

11 AM - 1 PM, room A16 
Meetup: Release process, or how to bring the bugfix to the user
Key speaker - Stanislav Lukyanov

2 PM, Shankhai + Pekin space
Report by Ivan Rakov: How to make a backup in a distributed system, so that no one noticed

Ivan Rakov, GridGain
Ivan Rakov
GridGain System’s Senior Software Engineer
Dmitriy Pavlov
Lead Software Engineer, Community Manager at GridGain Systems and Apache Ignite Committer & PMC Member
Stanislav Lukyanov
Customer Success Team Expert
Vladimir Ozerov GridGain
Vladimir Ozerov
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