GridGain Webinar: Distributed In-Memory SQL Queries in Apache® Ignite™

GridGain Webinar: Distributed In-Memory SQL Queries in Apache® Ignite™


In-memory computing solutions boost performance due to their key-value based architecture, however, flexible SQL support is required for both application and business needs. Many in-memory data grid (IMDG) vendors address the need for SQL support by inventing their own query engines or by providing limited SQL support, but neither approach meets real world needs.

During this webinar, we will provide an overview of how typical IMDGs address this SQL requirement. We will then show how Apache Ignite, an in-memory data platform which includes an in-memory data grid, provides comprehensive SQL support with its ANSI SQL-99 engine. We will discuss:

  • The Apache Ignite SQL engine core implementation including query parsing, distribution and beyond
  • How Apache Ignite handles indexing
  • JDBC and ODBC driver usage
  • How Apache Ignite supports both distributed collocated and non-collocated joins
  • Tips for SQL query engine usage optimization including using the Apache Ignite Compute Grid and local SQL queries as well as advanced tuning options

By the end of the webinar, you will know how Apache Ignite can address the most challenging SQL support needs.

Dmitriy Setrakyan
Founder & CPO, GridGain Systems
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