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Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup

Rachel Pedreschi, GridGain's principal solutions architect, will be the featured speaker at the Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup on Nov. 14 in Mountain View, Calif. 

Her talk is titled: “Using GridGain’s Multi-Datacenter Replication to Build a Bulletproof Application”

Summary: If you are trusting a single datacenter to support your newest mission critical or cutting edge in-memory computing application, you may want to reconsider your strategy.

No datacenter is 100% secure against natural disasters, hackers or just plain old human error.  In order to maintain all the 9s of availability that you have promised, you need to hedge your bets on an active - active or active - passive set up. The GridGain Multi-Datacenter Replication feature makes doing this a snap.

The feature is available in the GridGain Enterprise and Ultimate Editions, which are built on the Apache® Ignite™ in-memory computing platform. This webinar will cover why and how to use GridGain Multi-Datacenter Replication to ensure the availability and success of your most important applications.

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Rachel Pedreschi
Principal Solutions Architect, GridGain Systems