Message from CEO Eoin O'Connor on Ukraine and business in Russia

GridGain is a USA-based company that has always prided itself on being a global corporation, with employees and customers around the world. A proponent of open-source software and the original authors of the highly popular Apache Ignite in-memory platform, our company has always embraced the diversity of thought and contribution that can only come from a worldwide community.

The brutal war and hostilities in Ukraine, however, has convinced us to exit a part of the world that in our early days played a significant role in our development – Russia. We have now ceased all business in Russia and have begun to exit the country entirely. Many of our employees there have already moved out of the country and we are actively working to relocate the remaining employees to our corporate locations in North America and Europe.

While we hope that the violence will end quickly, we know that the damage already caused by this war is immense, and the scars will take decades to heal. Our hearts go out to those who have lost lives, friends, family and property in this war. And we stand with those everywhere in the world (including those inside Russia) that condemn this war.