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Retail Banking Goes Digital with In-Memory Computing Webinar Recap

Tuesday, February 21 2017

The main premise was that technology is changing traditional retail banking business models. Online banking and mobile banking are generating significantly more transactions than live teller-based banking.  This increase in automation is challenging banks to redesign their legacy systems to accommodate the increased quantity and complexity of transactions and analytics. Such changes require a fast, scalable, distributed and secure architecture. 

Retail banking benefits from in-memory computing

Retail Banking Goes Digital with In-Memory Computing Webinar Topics

During the webinar, I discussed how in-memory computing can meet these needs and bring about reliable, seamless and cutting-edge financial solutions. I discussed:

  • Using data to provide customers with an integrated and personalized digital experience
  • Access to advanced customer and product analytics
  • The ability to introduce new cross-silo, in-house products and services
  • Compliance with the myriad of banking regulations

Watch this webinar to gain a better understanding of how in-memory computing can help traditional retail banking become real-time digital banking.

Eric Karpman
Consultant, GridGain