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In-Memory Computing Solutions Built on Apache Ignite

Software Datasheet

The GridGain® in-memory computing platform delivers unprecedented speed and unlimited scale to data-intensive applications with a memory-centric architecture which leverages ongoing advancements in memory and storage technologies to provide distributed in-memory computing performance with the cost and durability of disk storage. Users can achieve a 1,000x or more increase in performance while scaling out to petabytes of in-memory data across a cluster of commodity servers. GridGain enables high-performance ACID transactions, real-time streaming and fast analytics in a single, comprehensive data access and processing layer. GridGain spans all key languages (Java, SQL, .NET, C++) and data stores (RDBMS, NoSQL, Hadoop) while offering ACID transactions and ANSI SQL-99 compliance. It is a comprehensive in-memory computing platform that includes a database-agnostic in-memory data grid, an in-memory transactional SQL database, a compute grid, an in-memory SQL grid, a real-time streaming analytics engine and plug-and-play Hadoop acceleration.

GridGain Software Editions

The GridGain Professional Edition is a binary build of Apache Ignite™ which includes optional LGPL dependencies, such as Hibernate L2 cache integration and Geospatial Indexing. It benefits from ongoing QA testing by GridGain and contains bug fixes which have not yet been released in the Apache Ignite™ code base. It is suitable for small-scale deployments which do not require advanced resilience or enterprise-grade security.

The GridGain Enterprise Edition is built on Apache Ignite™ and adds enterprise-grade features including data center replication, enterprise-grade security, rolling upgrades, and more. The Enterprise Edition is extensively tested by GridGain and is recommended for production use in large-scale or mission-critical deployments, or environments with heightened security requirements. You can try it for free for 30 days by downloading the GridGain Enterprise Edition now.

The GridGain Ultimate Edition is for users of the Persistent Store feature in production environments. The Ultimate Edition includes all of the Enterprise Edition features plus a Cluster Snapshot feature which provides the backup capabilities recommended to deploy the Persistent Store in mission-critical environments. You can try it for 30 days by downloading the GridGain Ultimate Edition now.

The Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions are subscription-based and are included with GridGain Support.

Comparison of GridGain Editions

  Professional Edition Enterprise Edition Ultimate Edition
In-Memory Data Grid
In-Memory Database
In-Memory Streaming Analytics
In-Memory Compute Grid
In-Memory Service Grid
In-Memory Hadoop Acceleration
Distributed In-Memory File System
Advanced Clustering
Distributed Messaging
Distributed Events
Distributed Data Structures
JCache (JSR-107) Support
Auto-Loading of SQL Data
Dynamic Cache Creation
Java/.NET/C++ Interoperability  
Portable Objects  
Security Updates  
Maintenance Releases & Patches  
Management & Monitoring GUI  
Enterprise-Grade Security  
Network Segmentation Protection  
Rolling Production Updates  
Data Center Replication  
Cluster Snapshots    

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