Ignite Summit


Ignite Summit is the premier event for developers who want to use Apache Ignite, distributed databases, and in-memory computing to tackle speed and scale challenges. It brings the community together to learn from those who built Ignite, and those who develop sophisticated Ignite-powered services you use every day.

Learn Architectural Best Practices Through Ignite User Stories
Your favorite streaming, gaming, banking, stock trading, travel or shopping application probably uses Apache Ignite. Meet the elite developers and architects behind these services used by millions! Learn architectural tips and tricks through hearing their Ignite stories.

Technical Deep Dives to Build Your Ignite Expertise
Ignite Summit brings together Apache Ignite community members and veterans, some of whom have contributed to the project’s success since its inception. Come to their talks for an Ignite deep-dive, and appreciate the full range of capabilities that Ignite can deliver. Be inspired to take your Ignite deployment to the next level!

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